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How to automatically backup your Mac or Windows PC to the Object Store

In this tutorial, we explain step by step how to set up an automated backup with the Arq software connected to the fully GDPR compliant Object Store of Fuga Cloud.


Create an S3/EC credential 

  1. Go to the Fuga Cloud Dashboard
  2. Click on the Access tab in the left sidebar
  3. Click on the Credentials tab
  4. Scroll down and click on the orange button: "EC2 / S3 credential"
  5. Now you see the created EC2 / S3 credential

Create an Object Store bucket/container

  1. Go to the Fuga Cloud Dashboard
  2. Click on the Storage tab in the left sidebar
  3. Click on the Create Container orange button
  4. Choose a name and submit the form
  5. Now you have a clean bucket/container for the Arq backup files

Download Arq software

  1. Go in another window to https://www.arqbackup.com/
  2. And download the software you need

Setup the Arq software

  1. Open the Arq software
  2. Click on the button "Create a backup plan"
  3. Click on "Add Storage Location..." in the left corner
  4. Choose the last option: "S3-Compatible Server" and click on Continue
  5. Arq asks for the following information:
    1. Server Url: Go to https://my.fuga.cloud/account/access/api-endpoints (you can navigate it on your own by clicking on the cogs icon in the right sidebar) and search for the s3 URL. You can copy and past it. It doesn't matter if you use the whole URL or the URL without your project ID.
    2. Access Key ID: Go to your created S3/EC2 credential and copy the data in the Access column
    3. Secret Access Key: Click on the eye to reveal the secret and copy and past it in Arq
    4. Region: this is the region name, like "ams2"
    5. Click on continue
  6. Select "Using existing bucket" and choose the bucket/container you want 
  7. Now you have added a location and click on continue because the newly added location is already selected.
  8. If you want to encrypt your data you can submit a password and press continue and after that click on the "I wrote it down" button.
  9. Now we can choose what we want to back up:
    1. Back up all drives, with standard exclusions
    2. Back up user data on Macintosh HD/ Apple, with standard exclusion
    3. I will choose the folders to back up
  10. I will choose Back up all drives because I care about my files ;)
  11. Now you see a spinner with "Saving backup plan". Be patient..and then you see "Backup plan created. Arq will back up your files every hour."
  12. Notice the "every hour"? Click on the button and now you see all the data of your back up plan.

Change frequency of the backup

  1. Click on "edit..." when your backup is selected
  2. You see a lot of tabs:
    1. Files
    2. Schedule
    3. Network
    4. Retention
    5. Report
    6. Options
    7. Encryption
    8. Immutable
  3. To change the frequency we select Schedule.
  4. Here you can choose when you want to schedule your backup. I am changing it to Daily and now I'm secured my data in a safe place!


In this tutorial, you learned how to create an S3/EC credential, create an Object Store Container/Bucket, and set up ARQ to backup your entire computer on a daily basis to the Fuga Cloud Object Store.