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How can I use the vGPU's?

Why isn't it just click and go with GPU? What are these warnings? How much memory and CPUs do I need?

When you create a new instance at https://my.fuga.cloud/instance/create you have to choose your flavor. Some of these choices have a warning behind them.

Like when you choose the vGPU flavor, there are two options; the g2.small and the g2.medium (for now). But both of these choices need more memory quota than the default setting allows.

Fuga Cloud uses quotas for the most important components. This is to guarantee better performance and stability. But some customers also want a quota to prevent huge bills. After all, their employees cannot use more resources than what is limited in their quota.

To use our Cloud GPUs it is necessary to have at least 61.44 GB of Memory and 6 CPUs available. The default quota is not sufficient for the minimum purchase for GPU. You can therefore request to have your quota increased.

Don't you know how to change your quota? Read “How do I adjust my quota?” and find out how easy it is to manage it.