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How to extend a bootable volume using Openstack CLI

The tutorial only applies to Fuga Cloud release 2 and was tested with OpenStack CLI version 3.19.0


In this tutorial, we will show you how to increase the size of your (bootable) volume.


STEP 1: Volume ID

In order to extend the volume storage, we need to know the volume ID. You can look it up using the following command.

openstack volume list

Fuga Cloud account

STEP 2: Extend (bootable) volume

Now, let’s extend our volume to 100GB using the Cinder API. This only works with a specific version of the Cinder API, we will force the version of it in the command. Replace the <volume-id> with that of your own.

OS_VOLUME_API_VERSION=3.42 cinder extend <volume-id> 100

STEP 3: Stop and restart

To let your instance know that you have more disk space available on your volume, you have to shut down the machine and start it again, a restart will not do it.

openstack server stop <server-name>
openstack server start <server-name>

That's it, to confirm that your operating system sees the new volume size you can log in using SSH and use the list block device command:



You have now extended the bootable volume of your instance using the OpenStack CLI tools.