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How to get started with the Fuga API

Use the OpenStack APIs to launch server instances, create images, assign metadata to instances and images, create storage containers and objects, and complete other actions in Fuga Cloud.


Overview HTTP Response Codes

Using the API


For any API request that requires authentication, you would need to send the ‘X-Auth-Token: ’ HTTP header. See an example of a simple but effective PHP script.

Time and Date

All time and date fields returned by this API are displayed in UTC.

Fuga Cloud account


The API reference is available in csv, json, table, value and yaml.

Service Endpoints

Identity https://identity.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/v3
Compute https://compute.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/v2.1/
Cloudformation https://heat-cfn.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/v1
Image https://image.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/
Key Manager https://key-manager.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/v1
Network https://network.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/
ObjectStore https://object.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/swift/v1/
Orchestration https://orchestration.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/v1/
Placement https://placement.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/
S3 https://object.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/
Volume https://volume.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/v1/
Volumev2 https://volume.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/v2/
Volumev3 https://volume.api.ams.fuga.cloud:443/v3/