Error message after entering Credit Card

Due to the high number of fraudulent registrations, we are forced to do a thorough check when adding a payment method. This is how we keep our platform protected.

To make adding a payment method go smoothly, it is good to take the following points into account:

  • Turn off your VPN. We would like to know where you really are to make the best estimate of who you are
  • If possible, make sure your payment method is from the same country as your IP. For example: you have a Dutch credit card, make sure your IP is also Dutch
  • When choosing a credit card, make sure you actually use a credit card. No debit card. If you still want this, please contact us via chat or email
  1. Log in to the platform:
  2. Go to “usage” at the bottom left and choose “billing”
  3. Choose “add payment method”
  4. Enter the details

If you still get an error message after submitting your payment method, please contact us. (just start a chat in the right bottom corner). There's no point in trying again. In those circumstances we have to give approval manually.