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How to access my EMK cluster?

Estimated time to read: 2 minutes

In this tutorial you learn how to retrieve your kubeconfig to access your Kubernetes cluster.


  • Fuga Cloud Account
  • An EMK Cluster

In Enterprise Managed Kubernetes (EMK) there are two different ways to have a kubeconfig on your cluster, those are:

  • Dynamic
  • Static


A dynamic kubeconfig is one that will expire after a predefined period of time and is linked to an EMK service-account which allows to audit requests. We recommend you to use the dynamic kubeconfig over a static kubeconfig. To get your dynamic kubeconfig see the tutorial about “rotating kubeconfig for my EMK Cluster”. Renewing a dynamic kubeconfig requires a service-account or non expired dynamic kubeconfig. Be aware that a dynamic kubeconfig can only be valid for a maximum of 1 day, although you can refresh it before it expires.


A static kubeconfig will not expire, the difference is that you only get one kubeconfig for all. By default rotating kubeconfig is enabled. So to use static, disable dynamic kubeconfig.

To access your EMK Cluster with a static kubeconfig head over to the cluster overview page:

Cluster overview with 1 cluster

Click on the “...” for the cluster you want to access and click on cluster access.

Cluster access form

You will get a popup window where you have the possibility to download, copy or view the static kubeconfig.

If your cluster has dynamic kubeconfig enabled, you can change it back to static kubeconfig (Note this will take some time to reprovision every node).