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EMK - Cluster hibernation schedules

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This page describes how to set up hibernation schedules for your Kubernetes cluster patch version and machine images. It will also describe how those settings are configured in the YAML structure.

Be aware that using the "Hibernation" feature will shut down the following EMK cluster components:

  • Workloads
  • Worker Nodes of the EMK Cluster

Remaining costs

However, floating IP addresses, load balancers, and persistent volumes remain active and continue to incur charges, and the control plane will still generate costs even while hibernated.

It's possible to manually hibernate and wake up your cluster, see cluster hibernation schedules.

Upgrading an EMK Cluster is straightforward.

Navigate to the EMK Cluster overview in the Fuga dashboard

Cluster overview

Here you can find an overview of all your clusters. Click on the three dots "..." and select "Hibernate cluster".

Hibernation schedules

In the popup you can create schedules for hibernation.

      - location: Europe/Amsterdam
        start: 00 17 * * 1,2,3,4,5
      - location: Europe/Amsterdam
        start: 00 17 * * 6
        end: 00 22 * * 6