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How do I adjust my quota?

Estimated time to read: 1 minute

Okay, so you're all excited to get started and while creating a new instance you find out you need more memory. Just follow these steps to request an increase in your quota.

At Fuga Cloud we have set up default quotas for several reasons. Most important it guarantees better performance and stability. But also important is to protect our customers from unexpected high billing. That's the main reason some of our customers want to limit the use of recourses by their employees, to control their quota and thereby the costs.

To request an increase of the quota you go to (or click on the Fuga icon in the top left of the dashboard)

Above the blocks of your usage (right side) you see the link 'change quota'

Click it and fill in the form, change the numbers into what you need.

After submitting this form, we will verify your request manually and sent you an update to your email address. (we try to do it within 1 working day)

Not sure what you need? Don't hesitate to submit a ticket or start a chat in the dashboard.