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How to create and manage networks

Estimated time to read: 1 minute


OpenStack’s network service provides an easy system for managing the network connectivity within Fuga Cloud. Here you can quickly create and assign new networks and IP addresses. For this guide, we assume that you have some knowledge about working with subnets.


Creating a network

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Click on the Networking tab and select Networks.
  3. Click on the button Create New Network.
  4. Specify your new network name (should be unique).
  5. Submit the form (when you Create Subnet left on, the subnet form shows up).
  6. Fill in the information in the Subnet tab:
    1. Subnet Name is optional.
    2. Fill out the Network Address for your subnet (e.g.
    3. Choose an IP version
    4. Gateway IP is optional. You usually leave this field blank and leave Gateway on.
    5. These are the basic configs. If you need to edit more you can click on Subnet Details, but for now it is all good to go.
  7. Click Create subnet.

Now you can see your network in the networks tab. You can always edit the network later or add another subnet. If you edit your subnet, make sure you empty the Allocation Pools field. If you do not empty the Allocation Pools field you are not able to save your subnet changes.