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How to create and configure a load balancer

Estimated time to read: 1 minute


Before starting this tutorial, make sure you have 2 (or more) instances running that you want to load balance. Fuga Cloud account

Creating the load balancer pool.

  1. First, go to your dashboard and go to Network –> Load Balancers
  2. Click on Create Load Balancer
  3. Give your load balancer a name
  4. Select the right network
  5. Select the right subnet
  6. After that, you can see the ports on the subnet with the instance name
  7. Select the right ports/instances
  8. Specify the Load Balancer port and the IP Port
  9. Select one of the methods:
    1. Round robin: Rotates requests evenly between multiple instances.
    2. Least connections: Allocates requests to the instance with the least number of active connections.
    3. Source IP: Requests from a unique source IP address are consistently directed to the same instance.
  10. Configure your monitoring (Members may go offline from time to time and the health monitor diverts traffic away from members that are not responding properly.)
    1. Timeout: The time to wait for a response/connection/ping reply before the check is considered to fail.
    2. Delay: The time in seconds between alive checks.
    3. Max retries: The number of retries before the node is considered truly to be offline (Admin state will be set to DOWN).
  11. Click Create load balancer

You have now a working load balancer.