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How to extend a volume

Estimated time to read: 1 minute

In this tutorial, we will show you how to increase the size of your (bootable) volume with the OpenStack CLI.


  • A Fuga Cloud account
  • OpenStack CLI tools installed

Step 1: Get the volume

In order to extend the volume storage, we need to know the volume ID. You can look it up using the following command.

$ openstack volume list

Step 2: Extend (bootable) volume

We will now extend our volume to 20 GB.

Replace the <volume-id> with that of your own.


The volume must be detached from an instance or you have to add the following: --os-volume-api-version 3.43

$ openstack volume set <volume-id> --size 20

Step 3: Stop and restart

To let your instance know that you have more disk space available on your volume, you have to shut down the machine and start it again, a restart will not do it.

$ openstack server stop <server-name>
$ openstack server start <server-name>

That's it, to confirm that your operating system sees the new volume size you can log in using SSH and use the list block device command:

$ lsblk


You have now extended the bootable volume of your instance using the OpenStack CLI tools.