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How to cancel/delete your account

Estimated time to read: 2 minutes

We are sorry you are leaving us...

Of course, we want to do everything we can to keep you as a Fuga member. So if you have any doubts or questions, you can always contact us via chat, a ticket or email (

Are you sure you want to leave? Then we would appreciate it if you would email us your feedback, so we can learn. You may send this to

Be aware! We will not just delete your data, we need a "real" cancellation from you. Below are the steps to do this correctly. Then you know for sure that there are no forgotten resources that would lead to an invoice.

If you have a trial period, you also need to take these steps, otherwise we see you as a happy Fuga-customer. Your trial doesn't end automatically!

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.
  2. Click on your account (bottom left), you'll get an overview of your Fuga team.

    Click on Users.

    Click on the three dots “...” and select “Cancel account”

    or just use this quick link:

  3. Confirm your deletion by typing DELETE.

  4. Submit the form by clicking the orange button "Delete this user"

    You will be automatically logged out. 5. Don't forget to send us your feedback at (really appreciated)

    And know that you are always welcome to come back!

Thx for being a Fuga member. 🙏